Broadcasting to and from the Other Side of Reality
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My name is Presley Benson, and I present to you broadcasting for and from the Other Side of Reality.

But what does this mean?

Inside the echoes and vaults of this website, I bring forward mysteries and ideas that would otherwise be rather strange and unusual, or plainly unspoken. They are those things that tickle your conscious yearnings and rivet your subconscious engines, as your superconscious knows it is good for you. A perfect ethereal recipe brewed of Lunar, Neptunian, and Uranian mana, with a hint of peach brandy and burning sage for those especially eccentric evenings and esbats, caresses your six senses to open your Mind and Heart to perceive the Mystical World.

Within the resonance of these radio waves and visual projections, within my writings etched into these virtual walls and the pages of my book, Full Moon Fever, I humbly offer you a part of my knowledge.

As an INFP-T, I am blessed by my Lunar, Neptunian, and Uranian risings, as God culminates at my Midheaven, Mercury readily attends to my Sun, and Plutonian omens surmount my North Node.

Stay tuned!

A Bit About Me . . .